A glimpse into a better world

Take a look around the world we are in. I see a world that has potential to do great things and work together but, in order to overcome these problems we all need to come together and not base everything on just financial situations.  A famous man once said ” America will never be destroyed from the outside, If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves” (Abraham Lincoln). The most widely known issue regarding our nation is indeed fighting for a cure to cancer. Of course there are always complications though, and it seems that when we are so close to capturing it that it somehow slips from our hands. Most of the time when a potential cure is found the research seems to vanish or be deemed unfit to be used on patients. The main issue with that statement would more or less be intertwined with the corporation end of the spectrum, and considering the research funding per year is towards the 6.6 billion dollar range it would drastically decrease and potentially put pharmaceutical and medical facilities out of business. On the other hand to see a child’s face or to interact with a family that has lost a loved one from cancer would be more heart-wrenching than could be possibly imagined, but these businesses can’t see what happens out in the world of their monopoly empire, they just see the numbers and production rates of their cancer “suppressor”  drugs. As stated in this article Cancer Inc. Sierra Magazine article — “They make the chemicals, they run the treatment centers, and they’re still looking for “the cure” — no wonder they won’t tell you about breast cancer prevention.” http://www.bcaction.org/our-take-on-breast-cancer/patients-before-profits/the-cancer-industry/

More horrifying than cancer itself is the fact that their possibly is a cure but money is controlling the future of millions of lives each year, and that they are also controlling the profits and procedures of billion dollar companies that makes it seem like a negative outlook for them to find a cure. Aside from bashing corporations, A personal opinion on this is nothing is more significant than beating cancer and is worth all the money in the world, think about the lives that would be saved and that moment you would see that smile on their face , it would be priceless because nothing is more precious than life itself.

This inspirational story  justifies why fighting for a cure is so important. Many people who are diagnosed with cancer lose hope and begin to doubt their recovery, and it is important for these companies to continue with their research and breakthroughs but if these industries are only in it for the money whats the purpose in unwrapping the package but never opening it. If a cure is in our grasps everyone needs to come together and push and fight so that normal people like you and me going about everyday life and just wake up finding out they have been diagnosed that there is hope and everything will be alright. Mankind has worked together to over come disasters, wars, exploration and plague , and have even traveled to the moon. Nothing is impossible and fighting for the cause to find a cure would be doing not only yourself or loved ones a great deed but for all of us in the long run, because a future with a cure that would be as easy as popping Advil for a headache would be a better world. so next time you see a pink ribbon or a advertisement to run in a marathon to support think about how you can play your part to find the cure and save a life.


Fight the Good Fight!; Fight for a cure to cancer

Cancer, an unpredictable  menace that could rip anyone from their lives at any given time without the slightest notion of its presence before it is too late. Cancer is a very personal matter as well , not by only the physical changes that are happening but the emotions running through the mind. Advertisements such as this one for PLUTA cancer center shown above  states right in the center of this billboard “Your cancer choose Pluta”. The letters although in the phrase are highlighted in different colors to stand out from the dark blue background, and noticeably the words ” You  Can” appear in the white text that would be hidden if it wasn’t purposely done. The statement is suggesting that this organization known as PLUTA  understands how the patient is feeling, and that sort of resentment or belittling you feel when hair starts to fall out or self-confidence seems to disappear. The feeling of comfort is what anyone would need in such hard times , but not only comfort would fight this feeling , it takes hope and belief in yourself with the strength to fight and overcome. The advertisement shares that quality of hope with its bold words standing out saying “You Can”.


The commercial that was aired on TV Spot supports the stand to fight  cancer together, and work towards the goals to overcome this. Societies ultimate goal of course would be an absolute cure , but in the mean time the medical treatments and better understanding to prevent and  diagnose are still of the utmost importance. In this video a man is running , he has a bandana on his head suggesting his hair loss , not to mention the world around him seems to look like a grayish lifeless color. The absent color is representing a world that is hopeless and life isn’t beginning there but slowly ending in a sort of sense. The man appears to have fear in his eyes as if something was chasing him ,  he had been running from what we would refer to as the shadow of his cancer , his fear in life to overcome such an event and then he trips and falls thinking he cant get up and there is no hope.  Then he runs into a woman starring right back at him with a warm comforting smile on her face, almost like you can feel everything will be alright. Towards the end of the video a group of people are holding hands and standing up together, giving the impression that when you feel alone and hopeless there are people out there who would reach out and do whatever they can to help the cause.

The  pink ribbon , a universal symbol to support breast cancer awareness. The color they use such as pink  is bright and stands out, also is considered a feminine color in modern western countries. It stands as a motivational symbol so that females of all ages become aware of the importance with breast cancer  prevention. The first time the ribbon was used was during the New York city breast cancer survivor run, with a woman named Susan G. Komen who started it all. That moment the ribbon became the symbol that can be found on shirts, bumper stickers, logos, billboards, commercials  and so forth that would forever represent the push and the fight to cure breast cancer but also become aware and come together in unity.



A Cure to cancer?

A Cure for Cancer?

Cancer affects millions of lives each year, devastating families and loved ones for causes that are still unknown. I have witnessed the tragedy with many of my family members who had suffered from this so-called incurable misfortune but, I continuously try to work towards it with support, funding and research programs so maybe we can finally have a cure.

Cancer supposedly has been around since the Ancient Egyptian times when it was first recorded in the early 1600 B.C. Of course society has progressed tenfold since then in the medical field and within the last 50 years we discovered how to pin point cancer the size of a blueberry and remove it, unlike old times when it was only treated if it was superficial. Cancer has decreases by almost 20 percent in the last decade and with each year that passes by almost 152,000 patients evade the terrible  outcome because of our medical breakthroughs. Unfortunately though this illness if you will, continues to plague the world until such a discovery can be made to completely be recovered and recuperated from it, but will such a cure happen or has it already and we just do not know about it.

Companies such as some of the ones listed below are working towards a better future not only for our nation but of them all.

There has been some word spreading that a small British company, Genentech in California, owned by the Swiss giant Roche, and Britain’s GlaxoSmithKline has caused some attention to a possible breakthrough . How cancer works is a host cell is mutated by various factors , origin is still unknown but the cell undergoes spontaneous reproduction infecting other cells around the area as well, shutting down specific functions or causing body pathways to flux and change.  According to this new break-through that scientists discovered the key to answering the cancer riddle is in our immune system. This is what they have discovered:


The fact is if one of these corporations find the missing puzzle piece to this or do already have a cure for cancer most of these research projects are funded by sporting events, fundraisers, school activities, donations and so forth; that the oncologists who have spent years and years of their life looking for the answers would come to halt. People could come to think this is a good thing, the others on the job and business end of it would consider the outcome to be negative due to no more funding. Honestly it is sad to think about it, because what if such a cure was found and saved millions of lives but yet again the dollar wins this battle , corporations seem to not want a complete cure , but rather a way to stop the cause of death and over time treat it better so they can continue with the funding.

corporations are having an uproar with the future outcomes on a cure, money and that the jobs of millions will be lost, but that isn’t even close to the reward of benefiting the human race from the worst known “Illness” we can contract. We should be more focused on a cure because after there is one we could focus on other problems life has thrown at us and continue to progress.

By slark20